#1: Invite People to Play at Your Business

Your first step to boosting social media engagement via Pokémon Go is to get players to your business.

Use your social channels to invite people to come play at your location, like Monroe Bank & Trust. Better yet, turn it into a contest! Just be sure to follow the rules on each social network, like Facebook.


Just the invitation can open the door to more social engagement with your local audience and customers.

#2: Offer Free Wi-Fi and Charging Stations

If you want Pokémon Go players to play at your business, there are two vital things they’ll need: Wi-Fi and charging stations. Use your social channels and window signage to let people know that you offer both so they’ll feel welcome to play.kh-pokemon-go-social-engagement-15

Next, make sure to add some extra signage around your business to encourage players to do some of the following.

#3: Ask Players to Tag Their Photos

To make sure your business gets some social exposure, ask players to share their favorite Pokémon photos taken at your business and tag your business when they do.

#4: Film Pokémon Players

This could go a number of ways. Your employees could film players (with their permission, of course) while they’re “on the hunt” for some Pokémon. Or they could film players after they’ve successfully caught a special Pokémon and have them show off their Pokédex. Depending on the space, you could even have a drone fly over a large group of players congregating at a Gym.

Consider filming videos for live platforms like Facebook or Snapchat, or upload videos later to Facebook, Instagram, and so on.kh-pokemon-go-social-engagement-27

In a “these results are not typical” kind of way, an animal shelter in Indiana came up with the idea to pair Pokémon Go players with shelter dogs so that players could play and walk the dogs at the same time. The idea was so creative that Facebook sent a team to film it and the video was featured on news outlets nationwide.

#5: Buy A Pokémon Go Lure Module, Get Instant Customers

A “lure” is a beacon that draws Pokémon players to wherever there is a lure activated. Sign up for Pokémon Go and go to add-ons. You can purchase virtual coins which can spent on a lure that will be active for 30 minutes.

maxresdefault This will draw Pokémon Go players to your storefront. You may want to try buying a multi-lure pack and activating them at different times during the day. With the lure you can then use ideas one through four above! 🙂

poke-1 poke-2 poke-3