3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Publicity

blue smooth prGetting media attention and coverage is critical for all businesses large and small. It starts by identifying and crafting a shareworthy story concept. You can’t rely on or expect a busy reporter to take the time to uncover a hidden story idea buried deep beneath a press release, a web site or your bio. You need to make it easy for the media to write the story and you need to develop a relationship with the media to recognize you as a valued news resource.

Getting publicity is not just a one-time effort. One good story concept could lead to getting you media coverage, but you should actually craft a minimum of three story ideas targeting different media platforms every three to four months.  Having a set schedule of consistent business publicity activities not only helps to increase your exposure through media coverage, it focuses your overall marketing strategy by committing time to build exposure for your business.

Here are the three reasons why your business needs publicity:

  1. Make more sales
    When you appear in the press more, people become aware of your business. Existing customers may be triggered to come back in and potential customers “discover” your business. Ideally, the media coverage you do get will focus on what you do and what you sell.
  1. Increase Your Prices
    People will pay a premium to work with an expert. Building your reputation raises people’s perception of you and your business. It’s like getting a third-party endorsement—and that’s huge.  Once you get media-positive coverage and people get to know the quality and value of what you provide, it’ll be much easier to increase your prices.
  1. Reach a new audience
    Getting traction on social media and building a contact list can be a very time-consuming task for most business owners. When you appear in the media it enables you to get discovered at one time by thousands or even tens-of-thousands of new potential customers—many who may have never heard of your business before.

It’s important to be strategic about your marketing and publicity. Stories should be crafted correctly to target your ideal customers and placed in media channels where your customers live.

Getting press coverage is tough. That’s why companies hire PR Firms for anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000 per month in the hopes that those firms will get them the coverage they need. Localista has a better solution. We are marketing professionals, copywriters and we operate a large number of local, regional and national digital media outlets—so we can guarantee that you get the media coverage you need, targeted exactly at the demographic and geographic markets you need to be out in front of.

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