So what is Public Relations?

Public Relations (PR) is the way organizations, companies and individuals communicate with the public and media. A PR specialist communicates directly or indirectly with the target audience to create and maintain a positive image.
PR firms help you establish how you want your company to be perceived. Then, they work on organizing, developing and writing stories, press releases and other marketing content or activities to support that image. Finally, they reach out to their media contacts hoping to get your story “picked-up”, giving you that sought after media attention and in turn exposure to existing and potential customers.

Would you like to have a positive image and create a stronger relationship with your audience?  Who wouldn’t!

And how can we help with your PR?

Press releases are fine. But the problem with press releases is that tens of thousands are issued every single day. Standing out from all the others is very difficult if not impossible. We like to say that, “A press release is a hope and Localista Media is a guarantee.” The reason we can guarantee media coverage is that we write your story, publish it and then promote it online and via social media.

We operate an extensive network of trusted online media outlets. Through this network we provide hyper-local, regional and national coverage, but instead of a big net approach, we promote your story based upon your geographic and demographic target audience and amplify it through our powerful social media presence and digital properties.

Why does this matter?

To hire a PR firm you can easily spend $1,000 to $15,000 per month–that’s a lot of money with no guarantee that you’ll get picked up. Plus it may take months before you see any results depending on the relationships the PR firm has with the media. Our services generally cost slightly more than an Ad in your local weekly or daily paper (a few hundred dollars) but instead of getting lost in a sea of ads that go out in their circulation, we target just the audience that you want–where you want them.

Why should you wait?

Unlike a PR Firm, where you have to wait for a perfect pitch to finally land an article or interview, when you work with us, you’re speaking directly to the source–eliminating the time-consuming process that a PR Firm typically goes through. We can expedite your exposure and you’re not subject to a publisher’s shifting editorial timelines that could mean waiting several months before your piece even gets published or goes “live.”

We can work within your budget.  Whether you just want a one-time boost of attention or need to have a more powerful ongoing series of consistent media pieces to promote your brand, we have a number of options that work. We’d love to talk with you about the best solution for what you want to accomplish.

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Publicity

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