Becoming The Local Expert

Everyone wants to work with or buy from the person who has the reputation, credibility and knowledge of an expert. Therefore, experts command higher fees than their competition.

What does it take to become a recognized expert in your field? Well, you don’t have to where nerdy glasses if you don’t want to but it might help with some clients.

To start with, you need to accept that you are an expert, then you need to tell your story. Next, you need to promote it authentically, and finally be consistent in your message and promotion.

The Localista Magazine Local Expert Program takes care of the hard work. Once you’re vetted as an expert Localista Magazine will promote you as the expert in your field in your city.  We do this initially with a press release and then, on an ongoing basis we’ll:

  • Create an expert biography page with links to all of your articles and your site
  • List you on the Local Experts directory at your city’s Localista Magazine
  • Publish one article per month at your city’s Localista Magazine
  • Provide Social Media promotion for your article twice per month
  • Give you a clickable “badge” for your web site showing your expert status

Sound impressive? Your customers will think so! Get in touch using the form below and lets discuss how we can help promote your expertise.

Accepting That You’re An Expert

Answer three simple questions.

  1. Have you been doing the same type of ‘job’ for more than 3 years?
  2. Are you really good at what you do?
  3. Do you have 4 or 5 very happy customers?
Becoming The Expert

If you answered Yes to all the questions above then we should talk because you are an Expert. We can help ensure others will recognize your expertise too! Complete the form below and we can get started!