Social Media Marketing

Social networking and social media marketing are now a core part of an overall brand and marketing strategy for everyone, and what ever you do on the social networks paints a picture of who you are.

Your social media marketing efforts should be focused on where your customers “live” online. If you sold wood working tools offline you’d  probably focus on places where wood workers “live” like hardware stores, trade-shows, etc. The same is true online.

As part of a comprehensive Social Media Marketing Plan we help our clients determine which social networks are best for their business goals, marketing objectives and even help determine their ideal client based upon competitive research and an overall strategy.

We can train you or your staff on social media marketing or take care of copy-writing, posting, post scheduling, image and video production and any other Social Media Marketing needs to help make you, your product and service promotions Shareworthy.

To see some examples of our work take a look at Facebook for Business, Twitter for Business and Instagram for Business sections.