Business Listings on Google and Apple Maps

It’s now more critical than ever to get your business listed on both Google Places and Apple Maps and luckily it’s not all that complicated to get your business listings live within a week or so.

Why is it so important? 70% of people will find you using their smart phones and more than likely they’ll use Google or Apple maps to track you down before calling or visiting your business. Additionally, smaller sites and search engines get their business listing information from Google or Apple. So, that means mistakes made to your  business listing on these two sites are magnified.

One simple mistake to your address or phone number can have a ripple effect throughout other listings potentially costing you thousands in lost revenue.

Will your potential customers find your business listing on Google or Apple Maps or will they find your competition?

We’re here to help! We’ll add your business listings to both Google and Apple Maps for just $47 (a $97 value) when you sign up for our FREE 30-minute marketing consultation using the form below.

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Google / Apple Business Listings