native advertising for local expertDefining Native Advertising

Native Advertising is a form of paid advertising that fits naturally within the content or theme of the medium in which it is placed. By speaking naturally to consumers, Native Advertising is not disruptive as in traditional advertising and has the right voice to be relevant to the consumer. Sometimes referred to as an advertorial, when done correctly, Native Advertising provides the audience with useful information while at the same time providing positive exposure for the advertiser.

You Become The Story

With Native Advertising, you become the story. Whether you are the featured business, featured product or service or the expert professional, the story revolves around you. Native Advertising can be slightly more expensive than traditional advertising, however, traditional advertising on its own is mostly ignored.

“Native Advertising is advertising that’s trying to provide more information, entertainment and ultimately more value.”

A strategic combination of both Native Advertising and traditional advertising is most effective in today’s competitive online and offline environments. When your audience reads about a topic they are interested in, written by a local expert and the expert brand is reinforced through display and banner advertising, it makes your brand and your message “stick” with your audience longer. People have an innate desire to be associated with powerful and respected people and as a recognized expert in a native ad, you become that person of power.

Native Advertising Specialists

Localista Media Specializes in Native Advertising through its Local Expert Program and platform. Learn more about how Localista Magazine can provide you with Native Advertising solutions.