be-shareworthyBe Shareworthy

No matter how good your story is, if people don’t hear your story, see your story or find your story engaging–then they just won’t share it. Today, if people don’t share your story, then you’re missing out on huge FREE marketing and promotional opportunities. Today, your story needs to be Shareworthy.

So, What Makes Your Story Shareworthy?

Your story or message must be engaging, interesting or lighthearted. A sales pitch isn’t going to capture the minds of your audience and if your theme is simply selling your product or service, then it’s less likely to be shared. If you’re providing valuable information, then you can’t be dull, boring or useless. The key is that people want to be entertained, informed or moved by your story with the option to learn more. This is what makes your story Shareworthy.

Sounds Easy Right?  Not For Many Business Owners.

The challenge most business owners and professionals face is product or service familiarity. That’s right, the more familiar you are with your product or service, the more likely you are to overlook the most fun, interesting or novel aspects about what you provide which other people may find engaging and Shareworthy.

Business owners always have lots on their minds. Not only the day-to-day aspects of the business but also selling their product, promoting their service, delivering promises and growing a business. It’s often difficult to shift gears and put yourself in the shoes of your audience and share content in a fun and creative way.

Another huge challenge is time and finding the right resources to help you create Shareworthy content. With so many social media experts out there, it’s time-consuming and overwhelming to find the right people who can help create valuable and engaging content.

How Can You Become Shareworthy?

First, write down 4 or 5 interesting aspects about your product or service.

Second, describe each of those aspects in an interesting, fun, lighthearted and informational story-telling way. To get started, look at examples from competitor sales copy, get inspired by asking your customers to describe those aspects and think outside the box by really identifying with your audience and determining what problem your product or service solves.

Finally, make sure that your content has information of interest and isn’t just a sales pitch.  The content you create could include memes, gifs, video, vines, image galleries and articles (or a combination of these). Once you have a library of of various forms of Shareworthy content, you can post it to popular web sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but that’s just the beginning.

How Do You Get Your Shareworthy Content Seen?

There are hundreds of millions of videos on YouTube that have fewer that 10 views each. Why is that? Most YouTube channels have very few subscribers and YouTube channel owners often don’t proactively promote their content. The first step in promoting your content is to post a link to Facebook and Twitter. The second step is to try to get third-party content aggregator sites to re-post your content exposing it to their audience as well as their SEO and generating back-links to you and your content.

Is it time consuming, you bet! Localista Media can handle the whole process from research to production and even distribution as we even own and operate in addition to our national network of hyperlocal magazine sites at Localista Magazine. To learn more about how we can help just complete the form below and we’ll contact you within 72 hours.