Become a Localista Licensee

You’re a dynamic person who thrives by working with people in your community. You’re a connector who loves helping people succeed. You’re focused and have what it takes to build long-term relationships. These are the skills needed to be a licensee with Localista Media.

As a licensee, you can make money (for you and your clients) by helping local businesses get the kick-a$s marketing support they need. We offer a solid business model that makes you a hero in the eyes of your clients and community.

Here’s how…

Local businesses are frustrated by the overwhelming number of options to promote their business. It’s a huge time-sink and often results in disappointment and wasted dollars—taking away valuable time and resources owners need to run their business. They’ve tried SEO but don’t know the results or maybe they’ve got a crummy website. They’re out of ideas to get people to their business or they don’t have a way to communicate with their customers. They suck at social media or maybe nobody in the neighborhood knows they even exist.

Here’s where you come in…

You fly in (super hero cape included) and take away the frustration of bad marketing and give time back to business owners. As a trusted business advisor respected by your clients and peers, you can help them market like a Fortune 500 company with our suite of powerful marketing services.

Rather than offering a website here or a social media post there, we provide marketing solutions geared to do one thing well—grow their business. Some of our services may sound familiar, but they’re more powerful because they work together.

As the face of the Localista brand in your area, you will be trained as a Local Business Consultant and, although you can sell any services that don’t compete with our own, we’re certain that it will be almost impossible for clients to find any other services as bad-ass or competitively priced.

A bit about us…

With combined experience of over 25 years in building retail, professional services and online companies, Localista’s team has enabled startups to grow into multi-million dollar enterprises. Having written best-selling books on entrepreneurship, social media and marketing, we’ve discovered there are four key points of success for today’s businesses beyond having a great product or service: Appearance, Visibility, Engagement and Connection. These are the special ingredients mixed in to all of our marketing which is why we focus on:

These are the building blocks of a total marketing solution that can easily be configured to suit any local business’ needs and at highly competitive pricing that still leaves room for everyone to profit.

What you’ll receive as a Licensee…

  • A local edition of Localista Magazine web site for your city
  • Email, phone extension and business cards
  • Localista Rewards, Loyalty and Deals site for your city
  • Exclusive ability to market and sell Localista Media services within your designated city
  • Up to 60% commission (plus commissions from recurring revenue during terms of license)

Does this sound like something you’d love to do? Let us know.