Be a Localista

A Localista is someone who has a passion for all things local. Someone who shops local, not out of convenience but out of a desire to support the local business person, who in turn, hires residents and sources local goods from other local business people, local growers, makers, craftsmen and artists. So, are you already a Localista? Now you can get paid!

Localista Independent Local Business Consultant

This is your golden opportunity to create a sales career, achieve your goals and reach your full potential. Localista is the perfect place to start a long-term sales career. Our products and services build upon each other to help support local businesses from customer acquisition, marketing and publicity allowing you to learn on the job while making a good monthly recurring commission of your sales efforts.

This is a very rewarding career because you are able to help make your local business community stronger. It is fantastic to be able to provide well for your family and be proud of what you are selling. It’s a noble career and one you can be passionate about. Turn your dreams into achievements! Sound good?

What You’ll Do

You’re role as a Local Business Consultant is to interact and engage with the local business community. Visit your local Chamber of Commerce, introduce yourself and attend lunches, mixers and other business oriented events. Attend business networking groups as a guest and meet with local business owners at their place of business.

Our sales are based upon getting your foot in the door with a low-cost/high-reward service and then grow your relationships over time into higher-cost/higher-value products and services. The goal is to grow your reputation so that the local business community gets to know, like and trust you and the products and services that you are selling. Does this sound like something you can do?

As a business consultant we don’t expect that you will wear a suit every day. In fact, save your suit for special occasions and focus on khakis and a long sleeve button down shirt–the tie is optional. This tells potential customers that you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work for them.

What You’ll Earn

You’ll be earning a monthly commission for every client that you enroll in our program AND for your clients that continue services – whether that’s two, four or even 10 years from now – that kind of commission really adds up and it adds up fast!

You also get an upfront bonus for each new customer and will continue to earn long-term recurring commission as long as you are working with us. This is a 100% commission position. With just 3-4 sales per week you’ll be earning nearly $4000 per month!

To be considered for your local territory, complete the application form below and we’ll contact you about this amazing career opportunity. This is not an MLM or network marketing scheme. This is a profitable, 100% commission, Independent business consulting career opportunity.

The Application