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Types of Temecula Health & Wellness Exhibitors

Temecula Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit

Family Health, Children's Health, Pet Health, Healthy Relationships, Temecula Yoga and Meditation, Spas, Pools & Saunas, Mental Health, Medical Health, Temecula Personal Coaches / Trainers, Lifestyle and Recreational Resources, Alternative Health & Medicine

Healthy Home and Environment

Green Living Resources, Alternative Energy, Healthy Home products

Healthy Lifestyles

Health Cooking, Nutrition and Vitamins, Activities and Exercise, Natural Foods & Products Temecula Healthy Weight Loss

Financial Health

Temecula Financial Advisors, Insurance, Banking


Become an Exhibitor!

Planet Wellness is committed to promoting a healthier Temecula by building partnerships with Temecula health care providers, businesses, and non-profit organizations in order to motivate consumers to take actions and make healthier living choices in Temecula through the Planet Wellness Temecula Health & Wellness Expo.