Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that businesses and nonprofit services providers make accessibility accommodations to enable the disabled public to access the same services as clients who are not disabled. This includes electronic media and websites.

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Does it Apply to My Website?

Although the ADA applies only to businesses with 15 or more employees, even smaller businesses can benefit by ensuring that their websites are ADA compliant as this opens your business up to more potential clients and of course limits liability exposure. 

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How Do I Bring My Website into ADA Compliance?

Typical barriers to website ADA compliance are (a) incompatibility with speech recognition or screen reading software, (b) lack of text-based alternatives to media content, (c) poor color contrast or small text size, and (d) transaction timing requirements that do not take into account intellectual disabilities.

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Get Into ADA Compliance

You could try to do it yourself, but, at some point you really need to have a professional audit your website, provide you with a report and then determine the next action to take–best of all the audit is FREE! 

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