Welcome to the Local Elites™ Award Program (LEAP)

What does it mean for a business to be recognized as one of the Local Elites? It means that they’ve been in business at least 3 years, have ample customer recognition and is easily found online and on social media. If a business displays an image similar to this on their website, it indicates that we’ve done the research for you! Just click image to verify its authenticity. If it’s valid you can trust that they are customer focused and good at what they do.

Want to Nominate a Local Business or Professional?

Even the Best Local Business need recognition! Why? By nominating them we will reach out and tell them that one of their customers thought that they were great at what they do and deserved to be nominated as one of your towns Local Elites. Use the form below and be sure to select Nominate.

Are You Seeking Recognition as one of the Local Elites?

The Local Elites’ Award Program (LEAP) is being revamped for 2017. If you’ve qualified in the past please review the form below for the latest Local Elites business qualifications. The more complete your application the faster we can process it. The primary differentiates from past awards is that you must have at least 2 active Social Network accounts and a valid Yelp or Google for Business listing. We also no longer require local business owner recommendations for your company, but if you do provide them the process is faster.