Rewards & Deals

With Rewards & Deals people get incentives for showing up and buying from you. You get the ability to text message customers to get them coming back more frequently. Everybody wins!

Social Media

Social Media Marketing builds loyalty and engagement with existing customers and exposes your message to potential customers. It’s also a great platform to promote your loyalty, rewards and deals program!

Native Advertising

A fancy term for getting you guaranteed media coverage. Do you have a new product or service? An amazing new Chef or Sommelier? Those are all newsworthy items and can get you the coverage you need.

FREE 30-Minute Marketing Strategy Session

Today, marketers use a variety of buzz words in an attempt to impress you into doing business with them. We get it. We love marketing too, but without results it’s just a waste of your time and money.

Our mission is to provide tangible results through a suite of solutions geared to do one thing well—grow your business. 

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What’s a Localista?

A Localista is someone who has a passion for all things local. Someone who shops local, not out of convenience but out of a desire to support the local business person, who in turn, hire local residents and sources local goods from other local business people, local growers, makers, craftsmen and artists.

Localista Media was named to convey our passion about unique local communities all over the world. We recognize that every day these communities change, and not always in good ways. We cannot stop change, nor should we, but what makes local communities unique in the first place are the people and the local places that they frequent, or even own and operate.

To serve these local communities, Localista Media has created an extensive branding, marketing and publicity solution, offering clients incredibly powerful platforms to reach their local community, including graphic and web design, social media marketing and customized loyalty & rewards programs.