Local Sauce Neighborhood Marketing for Local Restaurants and Bars


Guaranteed to Ignite Your
Local Restaurant Marketing and Your Taste Buds.

Local Sauce is the application of neighborhood marketing designed for restaurants and bars by the experts at Localista Media for your local business.

Local Sauce Neighborhood Marketing for Local Restaurants and Bars

We work with you to determine your current Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and then we create a plan that focuses on reducing CAC while increasing your restaurants CLV.

It’s not about a single solution. It’s about finding complementary solutions that attract the greatest number of customers (and frequency of repeat customers) into your restaurant while lowering your overall acquisition cost.

Through an integrated combination of restaurant Loyalty & Rewards, Social Media, Web Site, Direct Mail and Publicity; Localista Media provides the heat, spice and flavor needed to grow your restaurant or bar locally, regionally and nationally.

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