Isn’t it time to level-up your business?

No matter where your business is at today, you need to grow in order to survive.


Jump start your week with a highly-focused strategy session, led by seasoned business owners…
  • to help you identify and strengthen weaknesses in your current marketing
  • go after low-hanging fruit
  • and have a clear plan to tackle your strategy for business growth

M3 Strategy Sessions are designed to respect your time, give you tools that will make your life easier, and empower you to grow your business without incurring unnecessary costs or wasting time.

Localista Media leads weekly strategy calls into high-impact marketing sessions, designed for business owners to get real, get inspired and take action.

Guest experts are invited to share insight, as appropriate during certain sessions. The program will adjust based on the needs of the group to ensure consistent value.

M3 Strategy Sessions are held over a six-week period so participants can get the boost they need in a very short time period.

Not for just anyone…
We\’re looking for established business owners who are all-in and committed to making things happen. All members should be in a position to invest not only in participating in the weekly sessions, but also in the growth of their business.

Each group is limited to 6 participants. Participants are carefully selected based on business experience, type of business and goals.

Marketing for growth
Other business owners just like you have benefited from strategy sessions with Localista Media which have given them more confidence by having a tactical plan and strategy for growth.

Imagine what it will feel like to connect with and apply lessons learned from peer experiences while having a strong accountability team, guided by the leadership needed to guarantee that you stay on your game and don’t give up — all this for less than $100 a week!

Running your business by daily firefighting and shiny-object syndrome without a plan is only hurting your growth. It\’s time to take action!


M3 Strategy Sessions

Each group is limited to 6 participants. Participants are carefully selected based on business experience, type of business and goals. Tracks will be added based on demand. Submit form below to apply.