Local Edition Advertising

Banner Advertisements run for 4 weeks in a single publication. Native Advertisements run for 1 year in a single publication. Ad Placement Sample For multiple publication rates and budgets greater than $5000 please email us [email protected] or call us at 844-256-2254 x201
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[stripe_dropdown options=”Leaderboard 728 x 90 – $375,Square 300 x 250 – $250,Native Advertisement – $895″ amounts=”37500,25000,89500″]
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[stripe_dropdown label=”Local Edition” options=”Austin Localista Magazine,Bellevue Localista Magazine,Bend Localista Magazine,Berkeley Localista Magazine,Boca Raton Localista Magazine,Boulder Localista Magazine,Camarillo Localista Magazine,Carlsbad Localista Magazine,Charleston Localista Magazine,Charlotte Localista Magazine,Costa Mesa Localista Magazine,Culver City Localista Magazine,El Segundo Localista Magazine,Hermosa Beach Localista Magazine,Huntington Beach Localista Magazine,Jacksonville Localista Magazine,Kirkland Localista Magazine,Laguna Beach Localista Magazine,Lake Tahoe Localista Magazine,Long Beach Localista Magazine,Los Angeles – Downtown Localista Magazine,Los Angeles – West Localista Magazine,Manhattan Beach Localista Magazine,Memphis Localista Magazine,Meridian Localista Magazine,Montgomery Localista Magazine,Nashville Localista Magazine,Newport Beach Localista Magazine,Normal Heights Localista Magazine,North Myrtle Beach Localista Magazine,Palm Springs Localista Magazine,Palos Verdes Peninsula Localista Magazine,Pasadena Localista Magazine,Portland Localista Magazine,Raleigh Localista Magazine,Redondo Beach Localista Magazine,Renton Localista Magazine,Sacramento Localista Magazine,Salt Lake City Localista Magazine,San Antonio Localista Magazine,San Diego Localista Magazine,San Pedro Localista Magazine,Santa Barbara Localista Magazine,Santa Monica Localista Magazine,Scottsdale Localista Magazine,Seal Beach Localista Magazine,Seattle – Downtown Localista Magazine,Seattle – North Localista Magazine,Seattle – South Localista Magazine,Seattle – West Localista Magazine,Simi Valley Localista Magazine,Temecula Localista Magazine,Toronto Localista Magazine,Torrance Localista Magazine,Tustin Localista Magazine,Vallejo Localista Magazine,Vancouver Localista Magazine,Venice Localista Magazine,Virginia Beach Localista Magazine”]

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