Localista Media Products

book1Localista’s brands include Localista Magazine™ a national network of hyperlocal magazines, Shareworthy.com and Griswolding.com are our answer to the viral web. Shareworthy provides a unique voice that entertains, intrigues, and uplifts through a variety of article types covering diverse topics, Griswolding features Travel, Dining and Entertainment reviews that Clark Griswold would be proud of  and Localista Broadcasting™ a national network of hyperlocal podcasting stations.

These brands not only serve the readers and listeners but were designed as a platform to help local business grow.

Localista Magazine

Localista Magazine was founded to help local businesses and experts get their message out to their communities in an authentic and organic way. The Redondo Beach Localista Magazine was founded in late 2012 in Redondo Beach, California. It has now grown to a network of nearly 50 local editions and has most recently added Localista Broadcasting to its platform.

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Localista Broadcasting

Localista Broadcasting was created as an add-on to Localista Magazine to further expand the reach of local businesses and experts. Each Localista Magazine Local Edition has the option to launch their own Local Station.

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